Honeywell Security Systems start at just over $1 dollar a day, completely installed and monitored. The basic system includes a lifetime parts and labor warranty. Broadcam Security also provides a Theft Protection Guarantee with a $1000 dollar reimbursement. Please call for more details. Tel: 803-233-2722

Residential Security

Enjoy the peace of mind with a Honeywell alarm system!

Broadcam Security installs the highest UL rated residential security products with Honeywell security equipment. Honeywell residential security systems can be empowered with Honeywell Total Connect remote services to allow users to be able to view system activity with a PC or with smart mobile devices.

Broadcam Security makes sure that every Honeywell system installation is carefully engineered to the needs of the family and to assure a consistent reliability. In addition, we provide exceptional support service by factory-trained staff should there ever be a need for service.

Are you protected from fire while you are away and when you are sleeping?

The typical residential smoke detector is designed only for local alarm and for inside the home. Unless someone hears the siren at home or a neighbor is alerted, the fire department will not know to dispatch emergency help to put the fire out. The Honeywell smoke detectors that are installed by Broadcam are always being monitored by a central station 24/7/365 and can detect smoke before there is a fire.

Are you on a tight budget?

You can afford a minimal Honeywell security system. Broadcam Security will design the best protection for the money you have available to spend. Honeywell security alarm systems are fully expandable and upgradable as needed.

Honeywell Total Connect Remote Service

The Honeywell Total Connect web-based service enables the Honeywell security system to be controlled remotely by a PC or a smart mobile device. You can be “in the know” all the time with phone apps, text messaging, and with video surveillance. Depending on your needs, the Total Connect online service is available upon installation or at a later time in the future.

Insurance Benefits

Did you know that many home insurance companies provide a discount for having the home monitored for burglary and fire? Call Broadcam Security today and learn how a security system is the best protection for your family.